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What’s inclusive?

  • Non-alcoholic drinks at the venue – yes, that includes coffee
  • Access to the documentation, including the slides and all updates

What you can expect:

Contrary to public belief, you can do really advanced stuff in an accessible manner. There is no need to compromise on user experience for all. We’ll have a look at the different techniques to improve the use of your website for everybody, not only disabled or old people. Instead we will get the knowledge to evaluate solutions and techniques based on the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2 (WCAG2).

Also we will have a look into how people with disabilities actually use the web. This will give you a unique view on the topic of accessibility. Of course we will work with the whole web stack: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but we'll also have a look at design and content strategy to support an accessible web site.

Requirements and prerequisites

  • Bring your own PC or Mac.
  • Your favorite text editor.
  • A solid understanding of the technical terms of web design in English language.


  • How disabled and old people use the web
  • Who benefits from accessible web sites?
  • Avoid accessibility pitfalls in the planning stage
  • Solid foundations: Accessible HTML and CSS
  • Document structure and outline algorithms
  • Beefing up your web site with unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Communicating DOM changes
  • Making AJAX responses visible for everyone
  • Navigational concepts
  • Accessible content
  • Communicating accessibility issues to clients (without mentioning the word accessibility)
  • How to find out if a jQuery plug-in is accessible
  • How to read and get the most out of the techniques provided by WCAG2


The clinic sessions will be 45 minutes sessions on the third day (June 19th) where we’ll look through your projects. I will give you hints what to do next to improve accessibility there. Those sessions should give you a head start into working with accessibility.


  • June 17th, 10–18 o’clock: Workshop Day 1
  • June 18th, 10–18 o’clock: Workshop Day 2
  • June 19th, Clinic

    • 10:30–11:15 Clinic Session 1
    • 11:15-12:00 Clinic Session 2
    • 12:15–13:00 Clinic Session 3
    • 13:00-13:45 Clinic Session 4
    • 14:15–15:00 Clinic Session 5
    • 15:00-15:45 Clinic Session 6
    • 16:00–16:45 Clinic Session 7
    • 16:45-17:30 Clinic Session 8


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